One of the many reasons why I adore her!

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Gif request? Diane and Michael kissing scene (And So It Goes) and Diane and Jack from Something's Gotta Give-the scene where they run in after the rain? Pretty please and thank you!

Thanks for the request! I’ll get started on the Something’s Gotta Give GIFS!
As for the GIFS from And So It Goes, I made those a few weeks ago. You can find them here! :)

Do you have the video of Diane Keaton kissing David Lettermen?

I found one link, it’s not the best quality but hopefully it works for you… :)
Part 1 Part 2


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Finally this movie has been released. I can’t wait to watch it! :)

Another cute interview with Diane Keaton & Michael Douglas! :)

And So It Goes Featurette! :)

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I’m back! :)

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post! ^_^
Apart from being sunburnt and looking like a lobster, I had a great holiday! :)
The only problem now is I have the worst holiday blues ever! Take me back!

I’m leaving for a little while…

Long story short, my brother is getting married and i’m going on holiday for the hen party…
See you soon! :)
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And So It Goes.