I’m leaving for a little while…

Long story short, my brother is getting married and i’m going on holiday for the hen party…
See you soon! :)
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And So It Goes.

Another interview with Diane and Michael!

New interview with Diane & Michael! :D

I can´t wait to watch AND SO IT GOES!!! Your GIFs make me so excited!

Awh thanks! I can’t wait either eeeep! :D
I have a feeling this movie is going to be similar to, Something’s Gotta Give! Can’t wait to see the chemistry between her and Michael Douglas!!!

Diane was on Good Morning America, watch here! :)

Diane Keaton and her children attend the “And So It Goes” Premiere.

Oren & Leah.

Oren & Leah.

And So It Goes. [X]

Also, have you ever met Diane?

Only in my dreams!

I just started following you... And I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you.... Bye.

Oh stahpp! ♥

And So It Goes Clips!
Random ask - What's your favourite dessert?

I’m not really a big dessert lover… I’d say either ice cream or cupcakes! :)

Oooh I love your page! She's the greatest! What's your favorite Diane role?

Thank you! ♥
My favourite role has to be, Erica Barry from Something’s Gotta Give! :)

And So It Goes. [X]