I finally have my laptop back, I can make gifs again YAY! :D

Diane Keaton photographed by Firooz Zaheid.

Diane Keaton photographed by Firooz Zaheid.

Well i’m back, kinda… :)
I don’t have my laptop yet, but it is fixed so hopefully I will have it soon. I’m using my dads for the time being…

I can’t wait for this movie!

Unfortunately my laptop is broken, and has to be taken away for maybe a few weeks to be repaired!

I’ll be back as soon as possible though, don’t go anywhere! ;)


I literally finished watching "somethings gotta give" and freaking out over how much I love Diane and Jack together. Thank you for the Gifs and such!

Yup, they’re perfect together! ♥
You’re welcome! ^_^

Soo Diane wasn´t at the Oscars?! I´m a little sad :(

Yup… I saw on Instagram that she broke her wrist! :(